Monthly Archive: January 2006

Ford Innovations 0

Ford Innovations

I was watching Stargate SG1 when I saw a commercial for Ford. It wasn’t the typical “buy a mustang”. It was an advertisement for Ford Innovation. The only reason this caught my eye is one screen claims something about “250,000 Hybrids on the Road*” (Which I originally read as 25,000). Now in really really tiny print on the bottom of the screen it says “*By 2010”. By no means did...

Highspeed Video 0

Highspeed Video

I stumbled across a really nifty site while watching MythBusters. The site is a collection of Intresting High-speed video clips. While they are wmv’s, you can use winamp to play them – they aren’t DRM’d (thank god). I wish I had a high-speed camera, it would be so awesome.

1 year of Snowulf! 0

1 year of Snowulf!

I didn’t realized this fact till after the 1 year mark – but I thought I’d share it right quick. Snowulf has been going for over a year now – sometimes with lots of activity and posts – sometimes without. All in All, I have to say I’m rather happy with it. When I started this “tech” blog (along side my personal blog) I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough...

Averatec 6100 Adapter Problems 0

Averatec 6100 Adapter Problems

I read my webalizer logs for all the domains under my controll (on my server) on a relativly regular basis. I find the most intresting parts of the logs is what search terms are bringing users to my site – especially for Snowulf here. The most popular searches that bring people here are gun related. This is extremely intresting to me, because I don’t talk about guns all that much...