January 31, 2006

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Ford Innovations

I was watching Stargate SG1 when I saw a commercial for Ford. It wasn’t the typical “buy a mustang”. It was an advertisement for Ford Innovation. The only reason this caught my eye is one screen claims something about “250,000 Hybrids on the Road*” (Which I originally read as 25,000). Now in really really tiny print on the bottom of the screen it says “*By 2010”. By no means did they make it easy to read, the print was small and the screen only flashed up long enough for you to really read the larger print. If your intrested, Ford does have a small bit about their hyrbrid technology.

Back to the 250,000 hybrids. 50,000 hybrids sold a year for the next 5 years, doesn’t seem perticularly impressive. Though supposedly there is less than 50,000 hybrids on the road as of 2003. I am sure its much higher now, but still. All the car companies need to do is make decently priced hybrid — and make it available. “If you build it, they will come” is very much a motto to live by in this area. I’d love to have a hybrid SUV (or other 4wd/awd vehicle). I know my mother is looking into buying a hybrid (prius). Most people are in the same boat. When I was replacing my truck this summer, I had a few requirements. First and most important was AWD/4WD (I live in snow country). I was looking into getting a Highlander Hybrid but since they are one of only a few makes and models of hybrids — they were nearly impossible to get your hands on.

Hopefully in 3 years when my lease on my subaru is up, hybrids will be much more widely avaiable — because thats what I want. My next vehicle should be a hybrid w/ 4wd/awd — if not — the car companies are just f’ing around.