February 5, 2006

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I dislike when I log into my server, check the uptime and find out that its been up for 3 hours. Wait a second, 3 hours ago I most defenetly did not reboot my server. I know that the other person who has root on my machine wouldn’t reboot my machine with out consulting me first… sooooo… uh.. Why was my machine reboot? Its this kind of stuff that really irritates me. I mean, my server doesnt appear to have been down for any length of time…but the fact that the hosting company aparently rebooted my machine is frustrating. On top of that I logged into the trouble ticket system they have to see if they ever did anything with the 2.6 kernel issue request I filled… and the tickets are MIA. They arent “open” and they arent “Closed” — they are no where.

What ever, tired of these guys anyways. TIme to look for a new hosting provider.