February 15, 2006

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American Drinking Age

I saw an article recently titled “Why is the American Drinking Age 21”. This is an intresting question when you compare to other counties (like England). I have to say I think there is a very simple reason why the American drinking Age is 21, which is rather high compared to most other countries — but the writer in that article has it all wrong.

Both of the main reasons are based on culture. The base american culture is about drinking is very different then many countries. All the countries that I’ve been to have been very casual about drinking. Where as most Americans seem hell bent on getting themselves trashed. The second is that America loves its cars. Seems like 80% of kids these days have drivers licenses the day they turn 16, and in middle class to uper middle class — the kinds have their own cars. Look at England, many people don’t have vehicles because they dont need them or its not economically feasable. It breaks down to the fact that they have good mass transit systems (underground & busses in london). Where as 90% of America has CRAP mass transit (BART anyone?).

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