March 10, 2006

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MS Office

Opps — So I kinda forgot that I had no blog entry for today. Gotta write it fast before time runs out. Actually its just an intresting little bit that I tried today. Was trying to install Office2k3 on a co-workers laptop, but the laptop was an IBM X40 with no internal CD Drive — and the external unit was “at home” (a few hundred miles away). I stuffed the CD in my laptop, shared the drive, and then mapped the network drive on the co-workers machine to a drive letter. Now, I’ve done this once before with another piece of software for install — but it wasn’t a MS product with copy protection and crap on the CD’s.

I have to admit — I was amazed that the install worked. And worked relativly quickly (it was 2 machines with 10/100 connections, both of relativly decent speed). Now if only I had the space on the main NAS to mount of multiple ISO’s using something like Daemon Tools — and do the same thing over the network. Would be soooo much faster — and I wouldnt have 200 CD’s sitting on my desk still unentered into asset tracking (wait… ISO’s aren’t gonna fix that…damn).

Oh well. I can dream.