Monthly Archive: February 2006

Guns 0


Well I was listening to GunCast #6 on my drive back and two articles are mentioned that caught my attention. First is that of a wife who is afraid of guns. Long story short, he husband got a gun and she’s scared of it. I find this of great amusement because this person is denser than a rock. I mean, really, if your afraid of guns and your husband got...

PMA Show! 0

PMA Show!

Well the SHOT Show happened a couple weeks ago – forgot about that. But right now the PMA Show is going on in Florida. Oooo, I wish I could be there. Sadly since I can’t I just have to follow all of the news from DPreview. The one big news item that caught my eye was the new high cap Extreme III cards that are comming out. Sadly I dont...

More Nagios Work 0

More Nagios Work

Well I continued my work with Nagios these last few days since I got back from my vacation. Before I go into the details, my purpose: I’m setting up Nagios for monitoring of some our production machines. We currently have other monitoring in place from the colo facility but its a little too basic for my tastes. I’m going to find out one way or another if our production servers...

Full Auto Review 0

Full Auto Review

A month or two ago I got an XBM demo DVD which contained Full Auto. I like racing games so I gave it a shot. Both Guu and I had a lot of fun with it because it was a mix of Project Gotham, Destruction Derby and Prince of Persia. Fast forward to now. When I was on vacation I saw Full Auto in Best Buy so I snagged it,...

My Trip 0

My Trip

So the following blog entry (which I’m putting it entirely into the extended body) is going to be about my trip to Tucson. I have a terrible memory so I’m trying to write down the basics of everything for myself. I doubt anyone will want to read this.