March 18, 2006

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Auto Assault Review

A better title for Auto Assault is “COH On Wheels”. If you’ve played COH and tried out AA you’ll know what I’m talking about. Basically the interface for logging in and creating a new character looks EXACTLY like COH. Then you get into the game, and UI feels ALOT like COH. The fonts are the same, it even gives you same “X meters” to target display, and the XP Bar is the same design also. This is just to mention a few of the similarities I noticed with in the first few minnutes.

Now what about playing the game, thats where my title “COH On Wheels” comes from. Its unbeliveable how much like COH the game is. The mission system is…well… identical. Running around and killing NPC mobs, is again, identical. There is a skill system, and upgrades, alot like COH — but to be fair, not identical, close though.

But, the game, the basic concept, is not MMORPG material. I LOVEEEEEEE blow shit up games. I bought Auto Assault for the 360 because I do love the concept of blowing stuff up. The problem is these games don’t have that much replay value. With Auto Assault you can have a bad day, come home, blow shit up for an hour and then go on with your life. What are you going to do with an MMORPG? Its going to be entertaining for a little while, then your paying a monthly subscription….for… the same thing over and over? I’ll be very intrested to see Auto Assault turns out in the long run, becuase I dont belive its going to do well.

Last problem, the game is HUGE, and runs very poorly. Now my laptop doesn’t have the greatest stats, but it plays games. I’ve played Eve, Guild Wars, Half Life 1 & 2, etc on this laptop. They all run decently with the graphics turned down, but Auto Assault runs like crap — never got 30fps in the game. Its also 3.5GB — and thats supposed to be only level 1-20 information. Compare that to 1.5GB for Eve Online or 1GB for Guild Wars (depending). The last game I had that took up near 4GB was EQ2 — and that had NPC Voices and good stuff like that.

My Raiting for Auto Assault: -1 of 5 stars.