March 28, 2006

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So yea...

Went off a little bit on AAA yesterday, but they fully deserve it. Its not like we were going to die or anything if they didnt come, but its the fact of the matter. If you send out cards that say valid, one assumes they are valid. Its a blatant lie to claim anything otherwise. I’m tempted to file a complaint with the BBB just to make a point of this. Its redicoulus. At least they could have said “Well, you didnt pay, but if you renew now we’ll help you”. I would have accepted that, but AAA told me to shove it when I was stuck in a snow storm, and their was a pregnant woman in the car.

On the bright side, she was greatly amused by the entire incident. She got to sit in the warm car while we tried to dig out and her husband ended up looking like a “purple snow cone” (her words!, I think, I forget, somethign like that).