April 27, 2006

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So last night as was posted I upgraded to Serendipity v.1.0-beta2. So far so good, there are a couple new features I like, and some nice changes. Two bits about S9Y that I want to talk about quickly.

First off is the upgrade proccess. Its not bad per say but they don’t explain how to upgrade in the installation files. You have to goto their FAQ’s. Anyways, here’s the proper way to upgrade: First backup your public_html folder or what every contains serendipity, and your SQL. Then extract the new version tgz over the existing files. When you hit it up next, you should get the upgrade prompt from the “upgrade agent”. All good, simple and easy. Just needs to be written somewhere.

Second is the blogger import. This is a feature I did not know about when I moved my blog from Snowflakey to Snowulf (otherwise I would have imported the entries). Today I helped Guu move his blog from blogger to S9Y on ChrisGoupil.Com. Its actually really simple to do, all you need to do (once S9Y is running) is goto import data, select Blogger, and follow the instructions. If you follow them properly it will parse all the data and make it look like you wrote the posts in S9Y originally, even keeping the comments. It doesn’t know the threading for the comments, but then again blogger doesn’t either. Check this posts for a good example of how well the entire post and comments were transfered (you can even see the link to the blogger.com profiles)