April 28, 2006

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The “Castle Doctrine” – Good or Bad?

What is the “Castle Doctrine”? Well long story short its based off English Common Law from the 1700’s, that says your house is your castle and you have a right to protect yourself. Now, to my knowledge the state with the best Castle Doctrine laws is Florida. Very recently FL improved their laws in this regard. I may hate the Bush’s, but one of them finally did something right.

First off I belive the Castle Doctrine is a good thing, in its basic form. At least in Florida’s case you basically have permission to shoot first and ask questions latter. Also, not only your home, but in your car or at work, basically any place you have the right to be. Now that defenition can probably be extended to a larger area — which can be a little worrie some, but we’ll see when that happens. The other bonus from the new law is that you are protect from civil and crimil prosecution if your defending yourself from criminal attack.

Whats wrong with the Castle Doctrine? Nothing on the surface, but I belive it will make people more ready to open fire on bumps in the night. I’m just worried about people not taking their time to figure out who or what is in their home at night and shooting a friend/neighbor or something to that effect. I’d personally be happy to know that an innocent person wont be charged for defending themselves, but what happens when they defend themselves against an friend who’s stopping by unanounced?

All in all, I’m glad to see that some laws are protecting our civil liberties, instead of cramping them even more.

Oh, and PS — California is Retarted