May 21, 2006

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I hate setting up code repo's

I hate code repo’s…. alot. I mean…alot. As you may know, I’m working on Project Kilo. I thought to myself yesterday, “Hmmm, I probably should setup a code repo. Just in case”. Well that was a good idea, in theory. First I tried to setup a CVS repo, well that was ok. I wanted something that was accessable outside the machine — and with CVS thats a bitch — or so I read. Next I thought that maybe I’d give subversion a try, after all its alot like CVS, but “better”. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH BIG MISTAKE.

One problem with all open source is the installation. Or documentation. Or Both in this case. I followed some instructions on a site I found (URL not included cause I lost it) and it worked somewhat — after alot of tweaking. I thought I’d check out, yea, not helpful. They 1 decent article and its setting up SVN w/ PostgreSQL for authentication — now I dont care about authentication. I also don’t run PSQL and I’m not going to run it for this one little thing.

Needless to say my attempt of setting up SVN is still stuck in the gutter. I gave up for the time, and cause I was so frustrated with SVN I gave up on coding for the day. Oh well, maybe Ben will have an idea.