May 25, 2006

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New Server Host

So for the last few months I’ve had all my sites hosted on a VPS, ever since I killed the harddrive on my last dedicated server. Anyways, they were hosted at UnixShell. Initially I was impressed, but after a while I began to get a bit disapointed. Aparently there was some big glitch in Xen or IPtables/chains or something or other. This caused the Vhosts or servers to reboot randomly. For most people this wasnt a problem but I was one of the luckly few who had this happen at least once a day — if not more. Now I’m not so stuck up that I need to have my blog here up 24/7, but when I can’t even work on my own programming projects cause the host is going down repetedly it begins to irritate me.

I found that UnixShell is really just for hobby sites, they make ZERO promises of uptime, which sucks. Also I found out that I could migrate to their TekTonic side, which you could say is a sister company. Basically its their “slighty more expensive, but production ready” side. So thats where I’ve migrated. I’m pleased because now I get bandwidth at megabits per second, instead of gigabytes per month. Also the VPS plan I’m on has more ram and is ALOT faster. Visitors should defenetly notice alot faster loading times in SQL heavy pages like Snowulf here or Kilo.

Now to upgrade to MySQL 5.