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Welcome back! (To us)

After a few months of silence, we’re back! Ok, so five months without update is slightly more than a “few”, so we’ll call it “several”. Sadly it’s not the longest string of absence in our history but we were really good there for a little while. The excuse is the typical “life and stuff” combined with “technical issues” and “lazy”. However I’ve finally gotten my act together and gotten everything...


Good Bye, Hello

It’s bittersweet for me to write that headline. After more than 11 years of faithful service, I’ve decided to retire the name. This has, of course, been a project in the making for a little bit of time but today marked the final bits of work for getting the new domain setup. While I toiled away on my planning and backend work, I never really thought about the actual...

Schedule change & new format 0

Schedule change & new format

Over the years, the posting schedule here at has varied wildly. We’ve had our good times (5 posts a week) and our bad times (zero posts for months). Up until July of this year, we’ve been averaging 1-2 posts a month for the last year or more, which is very sad. As soon as I had more free time, our post rate jumped up to 5 times a week...

A wild author? Welcome Josh! 0

A wild author? Welcome Josh!

In this edition of “spot the newbie”, I’d like to introduce Josh (aka @snofox) to our ranks. John and I, mostly the “I” have been a bit remiss in content over the last year so we’re hoping Josh’s addition will spice up the ranks a bit. While you’ve already met Josh once or twice before, he does deserve a proper introduction.

Let WordPress (not) snow 0

Let WordPress (not) snow

Have a wordpress blog? Is it still snowing? Would you like to turn it off? It’s really quite easy. Login to your Admin Settings General Uncheck “Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th.” Save Oh, yea, it’ll automagically turn itself off tomorrow anyways. However this way you won’t be surprised by the snow next year. Enjoy your Winter!