June 2, 2006

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Microsoft Passport Password Length

So today I was changing my passport account password again (as I do often). I changed it to an 18 character password (Yes, some of my passwords are rather long). Then I poped over to my Windows Live Messenger (Which for thoes that don’t know is MSN Messenger 8.0 — its in beta) to punch in the password. After 16 characters it started chirping at me, it wouldn’t accept more than 16 — but it still logged in. I though this was odd so I tried again, and again without typing the last two characters and time after time I could login. Then I went over to passport account services to change my password, I gave it my current password, but only up to 16 digits. Theoretically it shouldn’t allow me to change my password — but it did. What does this mean? MS IS STUPID! and…

Passport max password length is 16 characters. It silently truncates anything more than 16.

It silently truncates!!!! How retarted! Why can’t they just say that the password has be to be 6-16, rather than their current page which simply says “Six character minimum with no spaces”. Stupid Microsoft.