June 23, 2006

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Outlook 2007 Plays Nicely With Add-Ins (Plugins)

And of course by nicely I mean not. Once again outlook has spited and smited me. I have an add-in that doesn’t play nicely (mainly because it was designed for 2000 and not 2007). So… How to uninstall add-in? Good question!

First Tools > Trust Center > Add-Ins. Now if the Add-in is disabled — you can do nothing with it, except enable it (Manage > Disabled Items > ItemNameHere > Enable). Which puts it into the “Inactive” Pile. Now from here…. You can do… nothing! Yatta! I’m not kidding.

I’ve fiddled for a good 20 mn, maybe its my specific plugin I’m trying to remove, maybe its outlook — but I can uninstall the POS. STupid outlook.