June 19, 2006

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Jet Engine Powered Computer

I saw something that caught my eye the other day on /. and it was an article about Cooling Computers With Jet Engines. First off… AWESOME. Second off, I’ve joked around about my current computer having a jet engine in it. I bought some crazy ass fans for cooling the CPU (not that it runs hot, it was just cool… hahahahha) that make a hellacious amount of noise. I’m preety sure that they are the linked fans above (or similar) that move in excess of 100 CFM of air. The one fan that I have running is SUPER LOUD — rather awesome in fact.

Back to the point, I jest that I had a jet engine before — now I must have these HP “Jet Engine Fans” so I can really have a jet engine in my computer… hook a couple together and I’m sure that I could get my computer to roll across the room (yes, I have wheels on my computer) under its own power. Just need a longer CAT5.