August 1, 2006

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DSL Got Upgraded – I think

I signed up for DSL a bit over a year ago, and recently got a notice saying my “introductory” offer was expiring. Yippy! No more contract for me! So last week I called SBC/ATT/LocalTeleco/AssRape’rs… but not till after I checked their website. Apparently they are now offering 3-6Mbit down DSL, for decent prices. So upgrade I went! (I already had 1.5-3). It is supposed to take effect today, but I noticed the upload had definitely increased before today. So the most recent speed test (as of last night) I was getting 630Kbps upload — woooohooo!! My DSL is now as fast as the DSL in the office. Hopefully the download will uncap today too (according to the modem/2wire unit that I was testing fro a bit — I was getting 6000+/768 Kbps — I’ll take it!)

The DSL as of recent has been interesting. I’ve been living in Incline for going on my 4th year (not counting the dorms). First year it was 60-80$ a month for 1.5Mbit DSL. Second year it was 40$ for 1.5Mbit. 3rd year it was 40$ for 3Mbit. 4th year (now) its 40$ for 6Mbit. Rather nice. Maybe next year I can get 12Mbit? Oh, that would be nice — but unlikely.