July 31, 2006

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Show this weekend was actually decent. Its as small as I remember, but this time around it seemed to have more “useful” stuff, not a bunch of antiques. Granted there was only 2 decent tables of new guns, I did find a Beretta 96. If I had the spare money I would have bought it just to irritate Goupil. Anyways, there was alot of useful accessories. I even found a place selling extra mags and belt clips for the P11, though I didn’t get either this time around. Also, I’ve come to realize that show is a great place to find extra mags. I found tables and tables and tables of mags, everything from pea shooters to AR’s, from small factory mags to 30+ round mags (even for my P99 — that would have been cool).

I’m most irritated at the bulk ammo though. A while back I bought a box of 1000rnds of American Eagle — or something similar. Cost me 200$. I know thats not “Cheap” but its not bad….. Well that was until I saw the same 1000rnd box for sale for 125$ at the show… Grrr… Too bad I don’t need any more ammo right now. Maybe when the “Big Show” comes around I’ll get some more.