September 17, 2007

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DMV & Drivers Licenses

It all started last week ::trippy wavy screen effect here::, when I decided it was time to visit the DMV ::screen morph::… Ok, enough of the bad TV effects. Anyways. I moved back to California so I had to get a California drivers license. I had one previously, which I kept just in case it was ever needed, so I pulled that out. Went to the DMV here in the area. Not bad, only took about an hour. Wasn’t really waiting that much of the time actually, just had to do all the paperwork, and the written test, picture, etc. The hilarity of this story doesn’t start till I get home…

I got back to my house and noticed something on my old CA license, it expired in 2007. No, it didn’t. I was wrong. I don’t have my glasses on. So I double checked and it turns out my old Cali license expired in March of 2004. Ok… No big deal. Then I thought about something… I checked my (now ‘invalidated’) Nevada license for what it was printed. I got my license in Nevada in July of 2005. So for those of you keeping track here, there is a gap of just over a year (roughly 15 months). Due to situations at home (being that it moved, and I was at college at the time), I never changed my Cali license address. So… I never got the renewal notices, and there for never renewed my license. I simply never noticed the expiration date until now. I’m willing to bet that most people don’t know the expiration date on their license, and even if they do — probably dont think about it enough to realize that its expired. What I find really humorous is that for all the times I got carded (I can assure you that I get carded more than a few times in a 12 month period), and even when I went to the NV DMV (who requires a valid out of state license) — No one else noticed it was expired either. Goes to show that not many people care about expired licenses.

Now for the record. This is illegal, and bad. You should not drive with an expired license, EVER. I can tell you this story humorously because I never got pulled over, or otherwise had to present ID to a police officer. If I had, I would have been in BIG trouble (in little china?). Take this as a lesson from Space Case Jon. Check your license, make sure its not expired — and… keep your address up to date on your license. Turns out, its actually IMPORTANT.