April 1, 2008

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Happy Internet Fools Day

If there is one single holiday that has meshed particularly well with the internet, it is April Fools day. In the last 5-10 years, April 1st has grown from mere pranks on friends to an event of epic proportions. Every year, on this fateful day, the internet goes NUTS. It is hard to go ANYWHERE and find normalcy and truth. 90% of the tech news sites will be carry fake stories, and those that don’t, will mistakenly pick up a few joke stories from other sites. So, take my advise, don’t trust ANYTHING you read on the internet today.

Honestly, I hope the internet gets over this little obsession. The past 2 or 3 years things have gotten REALLY out of hand (Slashdot Ponies, need I say more). If the change in site designs weren’t bad enough — the crap news makes the net useless. For 24 hours before and after April 1 — you can’t trust anything you read — as demonstrated by iPhone Dev’s below.

Few quick samplers: