April 3, 2008

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MKVs under Ubuntu (Linux) Pt 2

I know that I previously posted I couldn’t get MKV’s to run properly under Linux, but I wanted to correct myself slightly. Using VLC I could play any MKV’s. It seemed to me though that after they are a certain size (probably Mbits per second) they started to jitter as I previously described. Example: 170MB, 20 mn anime episode runs just fine. 1.1GB 40mn TV episode (claiming to be 720P “high def”) did not run properly.

I was doing a bit of research on this tonight so I thought I’d fire up VLC and try one of my 720p TV episodes. I had installed mplayer to test that also. Regardless, I fired up VLC and was very surprised when it worked perfectly. No jitters, no audio lag, nothing. It works… Perfectly. I really wish I knew what it was I did to get it working. When I reformat and upgrade to 8.04 — I will endeavor to test H.264 again. If it lags again — maybe I can fix it and report back. Sorry.