April 8, 2008

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Dublin Toyota Stiffed me!

I checked my mail just a few minutes ago and found an envelope from Dublin Toyota Scion. I was a little surprised, as I wasn’t expecting anything from them. Regardless, I opened the envelope to find out they had stiffed me on the value of my trade in vehicle. Those bastards underpaid me for it! I was a little concerned about what else they did wrong — but that is a story for a different day. Regardless. The contents of the envelope was a check, addressed to me for the “difference of trade”. The check was in the amount of “**no dollar and 008/100**. Yes, they wrote me a check for $.08. Eight entire cents.

Ok. Now that I’m over my humorous little “rant”. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a check from the dealership. Even if the difference was for 8 cents, and the stamp alone cost more, they paid me my due. Yes, I fully intend to deposit it.