June 8, 2008

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Externalizing the Debate

I don’t know why it took me so long to suddenly realize this was an option, but today I finally realized that I had the choice to move back to Nevada. Why you ask? Well that is the question of the moment. Why should I live in the Bay, why should I move back to Tahoe…

I don’t even remember all the reasons why I wanted to move back to the Bay Area. Though a lot of the reason had to do with my lack of sociality. There aren’t many places to get out and meet people in Tahoe, but of course there are in the Bay. Here is the problem… I don’t get out and meet people. I’ve been in the bay for almost a year now and I don’t hang out with anyone new on a regular basis. Yes, I have met some people — mostly Wiki people — but I don’t go and hang out with any of them (unless there is a Wikimeet or something). There are other things I could do in the Bay (much more easily than in Tahoe), like pick up TKD again… But, have I? No.

In an interesting turn of events, an old friend from college (who now works for our company) and her husband decided to move back to Incline. I thought it was a little odd at first and then they explained that they really didn’t have that many friends where they were currently living and they knew more people in Tahoe. That actually makes a lot of sense. For some reason this didn’t trigger anything mentally for me. Until today. I am very much the same way. I’ve got very few friends in the the Bay. In reality I have 2 or 3 acquaintances that I could hang out with, but generally don’t. I have one very good friend, Lauren, but that is another story all to itself.

Then there is Tahoe. My “little sister” is there (my ex, but now she is my sister — cause I really don’t like my real sister). I know a bunch of random people who still live up there after College. Some of them I could hang out with. Then there is the office. I consider everyone at the office to be a friend. And while I don’t hang out with some of them on a social basis (though most I do, at least from time to time), I at least would get to see people every day. Right now, I get up in the morning, sit in front of my computer, goto sleep. I may “see” people right now, but I hardly think a passing nod on the bike trail counts for social interaction. Plus that friend and her husband moving in to town would be there, yet another person or two to hang out with.

There are a few minor issues to work out if I decide to move back. Like the fact that I bought a Prius and that really isn’t winter friendly… But I can deal with that problem later. First I have to figure out if I should move on a strictly personal level. Finances, cars, housing, etc can be dealt with later. My current lease ends 7/29/2008… which is right in the middle of my vacation. Shit.