May 23, 2008

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MKV's & Ubuntu – The Saga continues

(yea, slacking on the blog posting. I fail).

I still haven’t found a fix on this particular little topic. Of course that doesn’t surprise me seeing as how no one else has an answer either (other than the good ol “It’s just not Linux compatible”). I really hope one of these days that someone gets it in gear and figures it out. Recently, I was watching a 720p anime episode that was only 227 MB. The graphics still chomped really hard. I ended up having to go into Task Manager, nice’ing VLC up to max priority and then reducing the window to about 1/4 my screen. Not really taking advantage of all that 720p quality, but at least it was watchable — still not great… but watchable.

I swear I’ve downloaded every video playing package on Ubuntu and tried them all without getting anywhere. I even tried to install CCCP & MPC through Wine. Didn’t work.