June 17, 2008

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It's Firefox 3.0 Day

Well for those of you that aren’t running Ubuntu 8.04, you might be downloading Firefox 3.0 today and experiencing it for the first time. I won’t give you a long drawn out run down on what is different, what I like and what I don’t. Who cares, either you are going to use it or not. What you want to know is:

How to make your extensions work in Firefox 3.0 (For those that haven’t been updated yet):

  1. Type the following into your Address bar and hit enter: about:config
  • Click “I’ll be careful, I promise”
  • Filter for “extensions.checkCompatibility”
  • If you find the value, right click on it and “Toggle” it to “False”
  • If you don’t have the value. Right click anywhere.
  • Click “New” “Boolean”
  • Enter the name: extensions.checkCompatibility
  • Click Ok, False, Ok
  • Exit Firefox & Restart
  • TADA! You have all your extensions back. NOTE: They may not function 100% correctly, but at least you’ll have them until they are properly updated. You may also want to remember to turn off this setting once all your extensions are up-to-date & Compatible.