April 8, 2009

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Review: Fred Claus

This review will be mostly spoiler free, so if you haven’t watched the film feel free to read on without worry.

The movie stars Vince Vaughn playing essentially the same character as he did in a number of other films, the snarky slightly annoying character that annoys you part of the time and makes you laugh the rest. However, unlike some of his other films, he’s turned down the annoyance factor and is a much more caring character, watching out for just about everyone around him. There are several scenes where you expect him to just make some belittling comment to someone down on their luck and instead his character helps them out of the doldrums and gets them back on their feet.

My favorite part of the film went a little something like this:

Kevin Spacey playing the part of Clyde Northcutt is bitter that he never got a Superman cape for Christmas of ‘68 (due to his being #1 on the naughty list). This is why he is causing Santa a ton of problems.

That’s right.

Lex Luthor wants to be Superman.

In summary, definitely worth a watch, and possibly a buy.