Monthly Archive: May 2009

Ride Friday: Bay to Tahoe 0

Ride Friday: Bay to Tahoe

A few weeks back I needed to return John’s motorcycle to him (which I had been borrowing for the winter). The easiest way to do this was for me to ride it up to him and then he’d give me a ride (in a shiny Subaru) back down. As this was my first long distance ride (much more so than just puttering around the bay), it would prove to be...

T-Mobile G1 on AT&T 0

T-Mobile G1 on AT&T

The HTC Dream aka T-Mobile G1&copy CC-BY-SA 2.0 MobileBurn When the T-Mobile G1 was first released, our company was doing some mobile software development; so I went out and bought one. I thought it was a nifty little thing, but was not terribly impressed. I don’t think I blogged about my reactions, but basically the phone locked up on me during the first phone call and I generally found it...

Fanime 2009! 0

Fanime 2009!

So this last weekend was FanimeCon 2009 which took place in at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center (In San Jose, CA – just in case that wasn’t totally obvious already). It ran non-stop from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon. Granted the night hours are a little slower, with only a few late night panels; mostly just the animation rooms are up and running in the wee hours. During the...

Memorial Day 0

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day which is a day off work, and a day for food! That being said, do try and remember why we get the day off: “It commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service.” You commemorating? … … … Ok. Back to BBQs!

Woohoo!  Three Day Weekend! 1

Woohoo! Three Day Weekend!

I’ve had to be reminded of the Three Day Weekend situation a couple times this week. I guess I have just been busy with work and life, and keep forgetting about it. I even sort of spaced it this morning until I read Least I Could Do which seems to sum up the situation quite nicely. On top of that, today is supposed to be the last day of the...