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A “taste of Chef” at the AWS Popup Loft SF 0

A “taste of Chef” at the AWS Popup Loft SF

Over a year ago, Amazon Web Services built their nifty Popup Loft in San Francisco. Since then they’ve hosted a ton of cool events, including a very regular series of all day, hands on labs. The labs are free, everything is provided, even lunch. There’s one critical issue (for most people): getting time off work to go to the lab is hard! Fortunately for me (and several others in the...

PSA: Spend your Converted Microsoft Points Before June 1 0

PSA: Spend your Converted Microsoft Points Before June 1

A while back Microsoft decided to do away with “points” and “point cards” for its Xbox service and converted everything to the user’s local currency. In the small print during that conversion was that your existing points would be expiring on Monday June 1, 2015. You should have also received one or more emails about this.

FanimeCon 2014 0

FanimeCon 2014

Last year, I mentioned a long (4 hour) wait for badges. This year’s line, I am ecstatic to report, was much improved. I spent less than 10 minutes getting my badge. Take note: this was not 10 minutes of waiting. This was from the time I walked up to the sign that pointed pre-reg to the left, walked through the queue, strode up to the counter, handed over my QR...

Fanime This Weekend 0

Fanime This Weekend

Fanime 2014 started recently, and Jon and I are planning on attending. As previously reported, Jon went in 2009, convinced me to join him for 2010 (to which we did a five part followup), abandoned me for 2011, all of team snowulf went in 2012 (as covered by Jon and John), then I was abandoned again in 2013, though Jon stopped in to visit for a bit outside the convention....

Digital Holiday Sales 0

Digital Holiday Sales

Just in time for winter breaks, holiday travels, and last minute gifts, it’s Steam and sales! The Steam holiday sale started today, but I’ve been much more enamored with lately. They are on Day 8 of their sale, offering “Turn-based 4X Classics”: Alpha Centauri (with Alien Crossfire), Master of Orion 1-2, Colonization, Fragile Allegiance, Galactic Civilizations, and Space Empires IV for $10.99. Plus, unlike some other etailers, if...