Optimizing Windows 7 for Netbooks

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  1. Bob Pitstone says:

    Nice article!
    You should also include disabling the indexing feature. That will further improve the performance of a Windows 7 netbook. I also write articles about optimizing Windows 7. Keep writing this stuff.

  2. Jairo locoboy says:

    Great article, if you don´t want to do this manually there is a program called tuneup utilities, It can make all the perfomance tweaks and it evens has a feature called “Turbo Mode” that disable some unnecessary features for some extra speed.

  3. Jose says:

    @ C.Camel,

    Thats a fapbook you have then not a netbook XD

  4. C. Camel says:

    Great tips. Hopefully this optimizes the speed in which I can access and view my extensive collection of pornography on my netbook. Cheers.

    • Jon says:

      But netbooks typically have a very small amount of hard drive space, especially if you have an SSD. So you’re limited to only the quality porn, or travel porn.

  5. brad says:

    i have an aspire one, upgraded to 1.5 gig ram.
    its an 8 meg video card. how in the hell can you say the chip is the weak point? my desktop is very similar spec, 1.7 ghz, 2 gig ram but5 with a 256 graphics card. 7 runs wonderfully on both (with a little trimming, and some help from some online friends, including jon here, thanks man!)
    but i have to turn aero off on the netbook. (which by the way makes navigating a 7in screen much more bearable.)

    IF there is a weak point its the graphics card.

    however, i did buy a NETBOOK not a bloody gaming system.

    check yourself.

  6. Jon says:

    The classic interface renders via GPU too. Windows 7 renders all the interfaces via the GPU, it is just a matter of what fun features you want with it. You can turn specific graphical niceties on and off if you right click Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Advanced Tab > Performance Settings. You can now check on and off individual effects. With this you can get half way to “Classic” without actually turning it on. Then you can go into the advanced portions of ‘Personalize’ and adjust the Window titles and outlines to be in the Classic style without specifically selecting classic.

    With a little extra work you get classic without the classic, and either way your CPU isn’t rendering it. Unless of course you’ve got a GPU that is a total and complete piece of junk. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  7. Pavel says:

    Wrong, completely WRONG ! Disabling Windows Aero will decrease performance, because Aero is rendered by the graphics card and the classic interface is rendered by the processor. As the netbook CPU is one of its weakest parts you certainly do not want to stress it more, so it’s better to use the AERO interface and thus to save CPU power for other tasks than rendering windows and menus :)

    • justanoob says:

      Let me correct you there.

      Almost all current netbooks do NOT have a dedicated graphics processer but share resources from the primary CPU/Chipset

      What does this mean? Putting extra load on the “GPU” will only slow the entire system.

      So yes, disable AERO.. unless you have a DEDIDCATED GPU

      FYI, I code graphics drivers.. just incase you wanted to be sure I was right.

      • Prateek Sharma says:

        You mentioned that you code graphic drivers.. Can you help me with some queries of mine over GPU drivers. Can I mail you?

  8. cure says:

    Just got a new lenovo and this really helps. Thanks.

  9. Thanx, nice tips to optimize windows 7

  10. Jon says:

    Fair point. It just so happens that I like the old look. It’s clean and functional without extra… crap.

  11. Jake says:

    While you can get more performance by turning Aero off completely – you can keep Aero, and just turn off transparency (Personalize > Window Color > Enable transparency [checkbox]) to get a performance boost without reverting to a 1995 look.

  12. TuneUp says:

    You may be able to optimize your netbook even more. Check out this blog post http://bit.ly/NESGI; it recommends using a lightweight MediaPlayer, disabling unnecessary backgrounds and upgrading your RAM.

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