July 22, 2009

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Review: The Incredible Hulk (Xbox 360)

I bought Incredible Hulk for the Xbox 360 at Best Buy a while back for $20. I wanted to get it because I knew it was an open environment similar to Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (which incidentally, was the first game I got all of the achievements for), and also because you could play in Hulk Buster armor if you had an Iron Man save (which I did).

In general, I have to say the game sucks. Maybe this is tainted by how much… just better Spider-Man was. Both games take place on the same island and you would think have the same sights to see, but for some reason Incredible Hulk just didn’t quite measure up.

One of the problematic things would be the special powers that you get as you advance the story. They occasionally, fire off when you don’t intend them too, although much more often is them not firing when you want them, particularly important when you are trying to heal yourself.

In a concept that I’m sure came from the GTA series, as you destroy things, your threat meter goes up and “strike teams” start to appear based on whatever your current level is, the quickest easiest way to drop your threat meter is to take the subway, because apparently it is impossible to chase a giant green biped through a crowded subway…

Yeah… but if you didn’t have that option the game would get damned impossible, as the higher strike levels will just destroy you if you stand still.

In general, I found the game very frustrating and lacking in the fun factor. I recommend you pass on purchasing it, even if it is only $10.