Monthly Archive: August 2009

Wow. We can post on schedule 0

Wow. We can post on schedule

I was just looking back through the calendar of posting for earlier this year and was amused by the sporadic posting schedule that I “followed”. If you go back to January (or even farther), you can see how infrequently I posted back then. Now we’re up to a respectable 3 posts a week schedule, and we’ve stuck too it. It is really nice to come to the end of the...

Buying Glasses Online – Part 2 0

Buying Glasses Online – Part 2

As I mentioned last time, glasses are expensive. Having previously covered Zenni Optical and 39DollarGlasses, I wanted to move onto,, and Similar format as last time, and please let us know if you have had any interaction with these vendors. Thus far, Jon and I have only ever used Zenni.

Getting VMware vSphere working on Windows 7 0

Getting VMware vSphere working on Windows 7

I’ve been running VMware ESXi 3.5 on one of our servers at work; I have been also been running the VMware Infrastructure Client (for 3.5) and it worked just perfectly. Now I’m going to upgrade to EXSi 4.0, so I figured I’d upgrade VMwave vSphere, which seems to be the exact same software. Anyways, as it turns out this wonderful new client is not Windows 7 compatible (oh yea, I’m...

Buying Glasses Online – Part 1 0

Buying Glasses Online – Part 1

Glasses are expensive. Even with insurance, glasses are expensive; thankfully, the internet is home to a host of other options that your local optometrist might not have at his or her disposal. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with buying from your local optometrist, far from it (got my moto glasses and SCUBA mask from a local optometrist), just that you may want to look into alternate vendors if you...

Hasteno is a Scam 3

Hasteno is a Scam

I just want to preface this posting with the obvious: This is my personal investigation of the site. I could be wrong, though I don’t think I am. If you’ve got more information on this website, I’m all ears. Is. A. Scam. I thought I’d make it really simple for everyone as to what point I’m trying to convey here. Hasteno is an attempt to be another one of...