July 27, 2009

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Review: Yes Man

Yes Man stars Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel. It is a great little comedy about a guy who is in a rut and has little to no motivation to escape it.

Enter the premise of the movie: he attends a seminar where he promises to start saying yes to everything, from there his adventure unfolds. First off, he gives a homeless man a ride to the middle of nowhere in conjunction with letting him use his cell phone (which he promptly kills the battery on) and then ends up giving him all his cash. As he starts to pull away after dropping the homeless guy off, the car dies, which means he now has to walk to the nearest gas station. As he is filling up his gas can Zooey shows up and life becomes so much more interesting.

Eventually, he learns that he can’t just go around saying yes to everything, that like all things in life it requires moderation. Anyone who has seen Lost Horizons may recall this notion.

Something incredible I just noticed during my rewatch: Ana Ng by They Might Be Giants is playing when he is at his boss’ Harry Potter Theme Party. I didn’t notice it till right as the scene changed, and had to rewind it a bit to make sure I heard it right, but sure enough it was there.

One annoying thing about the disc, there is a promo for the awesomeness of blu-ray that you can’t hit menu to escape… which as far as annoyances go is second only to previews you can’t press menu to skip.

Lastly, there is a scene of the principals going rollerblading after the credits start rolling at the end of the movie.

Verdict: great comedy, if you enjoy either of the principals, I’d say buy it.