August 31, 2009

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Wow. We can post on schedule

I was just looking back through the calendar of posting for earlier this year and was amused by the sporadic posting schedule that I “followed”. If you go back to January (or even farther), you can see how infrequently I posted back then. Now we’re up to a respectable 3 posts a week schedule, and we’ve stuck too it. It is really nice to come to the end of the month and look at the calendar and have 3 nice columns. We’re now up to 4 months of solid, on time posting.

I’ll admit though, that I think the next month or three might be a challenge. I am writing this post this (Monday) morning because I didn’t get around to prepping anything last week. I also didn’t get around to writing this weekend due to a party and wanting to do some “non-computer” stuff — Gasp! Plus, I’m anxiously awaiting the delivery of my new Nikon D300s. If you hear some squealing that sounds a Japanese school girl, that’s probably me and indicative of my Nikon’s arrival.

Oh, and PS. Hi Mom (she finally found my blog after 5 years).