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  1. Karen says:

    Try to register a username on Swoopo that contains any uppercase characters and your registered username will be all lowercase characters. Be suspicious of bidders who have usernames containing uppercase characters because they did not go through the normal registration process. Try it yourself, your username will be all lowercase. Be suspicious.

  2. John says:

    Brian –

    You can say goodbye to your money. Please see Jon’s article on Hasteno. Click the homepage link to go direct to it.


  3. Brian says:

    Thomas, have you actually ever received your items from Hasteno? Several reviews describe that site as a scam considering their paypal address is a gmail address and that their IP address is a proxy based out of Europe…rather than California as advertised. I just started playing on that site and won a few items, but I never received them.

  4. John says:

    Thomas – Thanks for the comment! I wasn’t discounting the idea of Swoopo (or Hasteno), just trying to provide a fair warning to anyone who has a heart condition or addictive nature. seems to operate under the same principles as, however it is much younger so deals are probably easier to achieve at this stage.

    Quick bit of info about them for our readers: $0.60 a bid and you have to pre-buy all your bids (just like on Swoopo); all bids raise the price $0.04 (rather than Swoopo’s variable price per auction).

    I’ll probably try it out, so if you want to send me a referral email, feel free!

  5. thomas says:

    Sites like Swoopo are more for fun than for people actually looking for a bargain. I suggest you look around at the other auction sites similar to Swoopo. is a new one that I’ve been playing on and I’ve actually won a couple things. Playstation 3 games going for $.08 (2 bids!) and a Nintendo Wii going for $2.16 is ridiculous. Before you completely discount the idea, you should check them out.

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