Monthly Archive: September 2009

Review: Halo 3: ODST 0

Review: Halo 3: ODST

Halo: ODST in a sentence: “God that was fun”. So I’ve played Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, & Halo Wars. I’ve enjoyed them all thoroughly. Halo Wars was different from the rest, obviously, since it was an RTS, but it still had our old favorite, the Spartans. The biggest change for ODST compared to all the previous games was the fact that it lacked the Spartans, completely. There...

Upcoming Vacation 0

Upcoming Vacation

Headed out of town soon, the question is: will the Jo(h)ns prepare enough in advance so as to make sure that the entries don’t resemble the incoherent ramblings of a two year old with a potty mouth? Stay tuned to this blog for the answer!

Reno Air Races 2009 0

Reno Air Races 2009

Welcome to Reno Stead Airport. Last weekend was the Reno Air Races, which I attended. I wrote up a bit with a bunch of photos for Wikinews. I must admit, it was a lot of work getting all the pictures together and getting the story written. Last year, when I went I took a (personal) record setting 1,500+ pictures in one day. This year I took 3,472 pictures over the...

Today In: Initializing a new hard drive 0

Today In: Initializing a new hard drive

So, I haven’t done this in freaking forever. The last clear memory I have of setting up a brand new drive is sometime in the late 90s and doing everything in DOS (fdisk anyone?). Because of this, I had forgotten all about the joys of doing this. But first, a little background info. Earlier this month, I got a Newegg combo deal for a Seagate Barracuda rather than WD Caviar....

Review: Crank 2 1

Review: Crank 2

Crank 2: High Voltage once more stars Jason Statham, which may seem a little odd as he well… fell out of a helicopter and smashed into a car followed by bouncing off into the asphalt at the end of the first one. Warning: SPOILERS abound.