September 25, 2009

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Reno Air Races 2009

Welcome to Reno Stead Airport.

Last weekend was the Reno Air Races, which I attended. I wrote up a bit with a bunch of photos for Wikinews. I must admit, it was a lot of work getting all the pictures together and getting the story written. Last year, when I went I took a (personal) record setting 1,500+ pictures in one day. This year I took 3,472 pictures over the course of the weekend (Over 1800 on Sunday alone), setting myself a new all time record. Unfortunately the D300s is much better quality and pictures take up more space. So the pictures for this weekend take up 41.8 gigabytes of space. Which is fairly significant since my previous 5 years of pictures only took up about 80 GB total.

Generally, one does not want an A-10 Warthog with it’s 30mm cannon pointed directly at them.

As for the weekend itself, it was a ton of fun. Saturday was cloudy for the morning which was pleasant because Sunday was a roast. Spend 8-10 hours outside, in the sun of the high desert and you bake, very, very quickly. Thankfully for me, I am predisposed to not getting sunburn. So while I’m very red for this week after the races, and a bit tender in some spots, I’m good to go. I call it a “sun singe” because that’s about that it was, a singeing. Now I could have worn sunblock, but where is the fun in that?

Blue Angels kick ass!

Both Saturday and Sunday were full of races. The big race being the Unlimited class gold race; that takes place last on Sunday. Strega won this year, again. It was a good race until Voodoo had to pull out. I knew it was going to be either Voodoo or Strega, and anyone that thought different was smoking something funny (I’m not a die hard, nor was I there for the races earlier int he week). Besides the races, there were some demo flights, but from what I hear, it’s gone down hill in the last few years. It was still awesome for me because I got to see the Blue Angels again, for the first time in 10-15 years.

I really do suggest you check out the Wikinews article on the races, as I put 48 pictures into it and I think they are some of the best. Maybe if I have the energy I’ll make a post with some of them here later… we’ll see. (Editor’s Note: Just like when your mom says “maybe”, that means it ain’t happening.)