September 21, 2009

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Review: Crank 2

Crank 2: High Voltage once more stars Jason Statham, which may seem a little odd as he well… fell out of a helicopter and smashed into a car followed by bouncing off into the asphalt at the end of the first one.

Warning: SPOILERS abound.

Basically, it has more violence and action, as well as being much bloodier and faster.

Movie starts with him being scraped off of the pavement and shoved into a van. He wakes up intermittently in an operating room looked over by some Chinese as they are removing his heart.

Wakes up again when they are looking over the list of things they are going to remove next. When he hears that they are going to chop off his man tackle he gets up in a jolt of adrenaline and kills everyone (this seems slightly unlikely as laying down for that long would make his muscles atrophy, but hey it’s a movie).

He goes on a quest to find his heart, meeting up with several people from the previous film, including his girlfriend Eve (who has finally gotten a cell phone). In the latter half of the movie when Chev finally captures the guy who has the cooler that had his heart he finds out that his heart had been transplanted a few weeks back and is utterly disgusted by what is in the box (the contents of which are left undisclosed).

During said quest he once more meets up with Eve and once more has sex with her in a public place; this time during a horse race (and on the field no less).

Turns out that his heart was wanted by the grandmaster of the triad as he was the “only person to ever survive [their] strongest poison.” Or as Chev refers to it, “the Chinese shit”. Chev’s Doc’s Girlfriend/Assistant comes to the rescue there and lures the 100+ year old man into his Doctor’s den where they yank it out and put it back in Chev.

The film ends with him coming out of surgery wrapped in bandages due to severe electrical burns (which occur during the climax). Appropriately setting the stage for Crank 3, which will involve… I don’t know what.

Verdict: Worthy of a rent, and possibly a buy if you are a Jason Statham fan.

So what do you think was in the box?