November 4, 2009

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Review: The Maiden Heist

On Saturday, The Maiden Heist showed up at my place (thank you netflix).

It is sort of odd that I received it on Saturday as Amazon says this isn’t due till November 24.

The Maiden Heist stars Christopher Walken, Morgan Freeman, and William H. Macy. All three actors are guards at a museum, each of them have a favorite work of art, and each of them are crushed to learn that the exhibit is being moved to Copenhagen, Denmark (which is “really far away” and “a really hard language”). Morgan Freeman comes up with the idea to steal the art, but they don’t quite know how to do it, thus they enlist Macy.

Macy plays an ex-military character, though it shifts a couple times as to which branch and what “action” he was involved in during his service. He provides the gear and continually offers words of encouragement, until a certain part during the climax. He also enjoys appearing in the buff with his particular art piece (The Bronze Warrior). ARTnews has a great piece about each of the works, take a gander if you’d care to know more.

I can’t really say much more without giving away the movie, so I’ll just close with my recommendation. This is a rent, if you like the actors. I don’t see much reason to buy this one, maybe if you are a big art fan and want to gush over some of the other works shown in the film you might like it or see it as wish fulfillment… but I doubt it.

One question that I wondered after watching the film: was William H. Macy’s nudity inspired by his bare bottom in The Cooler?