January 12, 2010

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An ode to Army of Two

An ode to Army of Two

A is for Aggro

B is for Bromance

C is for Clip

D is for Deagle

E is for Equipment

F is for Friends

G is for Guns

H is for High Explosive Grenades

I is for Indestructible scenery

J is for Jeopardizing the Mission

K is for Killing the Enemy

L is for Long Distance Kills and

M is for M107 which makes them possible

N is for NCIS which had an episode involving PMCs

O is for Obayana who sells Primary Weapons

P is for Pimping your Guns

Q is for Quickly, as in move your ass quickly before it gets shot

R is for Rios

S is for Salem

T is for The 40th Day

U is for Upgrades

V is for Victory

W is for Weapon Swap — something we never use.

X is for Xbox 360 on which we play.

Y is for Yankee White — a clearance you don’t have

Z is for Zealots wearing bomb packs on their chests.