March 18, 2010

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How To install an Xbox 360 Game onto your Harddrive

Since I’m an avid 360 gamer it might come as a surprise to some, but I’ve never bothered to install a game to my Xbox 360 hard drive previously. Frankly I’m running an old (basically launch edition) console with a 10 GB hard drive, I don’t really have that much space for game installs. I figured I’d give it a try though. Here’s the steps:

  • Boot up your console and put the game in
  • Get to the main menu
  • Go to My Xbox
  • Go right and select Game Library
  • Wait for Recent Games to populate
  • Press A on your game (should be top one in the list)
  • Select Install game to hard drive and hit A
  • Wait
At this point, god willing, your game will have installed. When I tried to install Battlefield: Bad Company 2, it prompted me for 4.9 GB of space (which I didn’t have) and let me free up some space. After deleting some videos, the install proceeded.

The only reason I did this was because my console was throwing a fit about “Disk is unreadable” CONSTANTLY. The game is brand new, left the drive all of twice since I got it… it simple isn’t scratched that badly. When I tried to install it, it got about 30% through it and complained about a dirty disk (AGAIN). I cleaned the disk and it finally installed. Hopefully this will solve my issue.