June 2, 2010

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FanimeCon 2010 Wrap up: Part 2 of 5 – Saturday

== Saturday ==

Today’s entry starts almost exactly where yesterdays left off. Ya see, the 12th floor (where we were) is apparently party central, and Friday night (and by default, Saturday morning) is party time. So guess where the party was? Directly outside of our door. While the hotel might have great sound baffling between rooms, not so much between you and the hallway. So up until about 3am, every so often a group would (generally) be coming from the, or going to the, elevator (directly outside our door). There were loud and obnoxious and woke me up repeatedly. Generally though, they’d be gone in less than 5 minutes, so it wasn’t worth trying to call security. Not exactly my favorite way of starting a day (or ending it, depending on how you feel).

The day itself actually started… oh hell… I can’t say a specific time, but eventually I was conscious, out of bed, and caffeine infused. Coke Zero & Doughnut holes, while not healthy, is a great way to take me from grumpy to hyper in nothing flat. After that it was off to breakfast at a place called Peggy Sues. They are your typical American restaurant in the fact that they serve enough food (per person) to feed at least 3 normal people. As a side bonus, their breakfasts were much cheaper than the $15 hotel buffet John enjoyed (he actually slept thanks to the joys of earbuds).

First activity of the Con was to pick up the results of speed dating. Was interesting to see. At least one person I was sure would match, didn’t and some I didn’t think would, did. As of this point in time, I’ve not connected with any of them… so the process is “ongoing”. Still think it was interesting, and needs some refinement. Checked in with John who had already begun the daily recon and we wandered off to the dealers hall.

Cheap Pocky!

One of those Saturday requirements is hitting up the Dealers Hall and Artists Alley. You can go on Friday fine, but you’ve got to go on Saturday because everyone is there and everybody is out with their best stuff. Saturday is the “the day” at the con. Friday is just a warm up for it. It was at this point in time that I realized that having a bunch of anime crazed friends who are too lazy to come to Fanime themselves… is a serious issue. Everyone was sending me orders for stuff to buy for them. I’m not a goddamn pack mule, plus I’m on a motorcycle… sure, I’ll just strap that sword you want to the side. I’m sure the CHP won’t have any issue with that. As for myself, I did not buy anything (that day). I’ve never been one to buy anime “stuff”. Sure, I’ve got a few small things from last year, but nothing too major. This year I’ll wait till late Sunday or Monday. If I can get something cheaper, it might be worth it.

The Black Lagoon Crew sans Rock

A good portion of the day was simply spent wandering around and taking pictures of other people. It was actually during this that one of the dealers recognized me. He asked if I was from Speed Grapher, which I confirmed. He said the camera gave it away, shocking, I know. At least someone knew who I was (if not by name, by series). Jonas and his crew were dressed up as Revy (hawt), Dutch and Benny Boy from Black Lagoon. They did a very good job of it, and even got a few recognitions. I realized very quickly that if I traded the belt pouches and trench coat for a tie and cigarette — I could have done Rock. Of course if I had a nice tie and a jacket instead I could have done Spike (from Cowboy Bebop). If I had a jacket and cross instead, I could have been Nicolas D Wolfwood — to John’s Vash (of Trigun fame). Oh well, maybe next year.

Dinner was an off campus run down to Ringer Hut, which is a Japanese chain. It has some tasty and more “rare” Japanese food, like Okinomiyaki. It isn’t rare in Japan, just in America (for some unknown reason). This was prompted by Gibson and Katie who came down to visit. Gibson was supposed to join us for the day at the con but went and tried to kill himself again with some random bit a poison (Editor’s note: This was not a suicide attempt, he just happened to get exposed to some noxious chemicals). He’s not the brightest crayon in the box, but his tactical skills are extremely well refined and makes a fantastic assistant in BC2.

The evening’s entertainment was crashing Jonas’ room to watch some anime. I introduced the crew to Rosario+Vampire (which I think everyone enjoyed) and Speed Grapher. Normally I keep the samplers light and fun, but since I was cosplaying Saiga, and no one knew who I was… it was in order. John says I’ve got Saiga’s driving style down (and mumbled something about “asshat” afterward). He wasn’t a fan of my busy San Jose street navigation to Dinner. Obviously it is his fault for not having a more “sporty” bike (snicker snicker).

Saturday Signout — 00:40 (Sunday morning)