June 25, 2010

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Review: The A-Team Movie (2010)

Ah, the A-Team. Who doesn’t love the A-Team?

Ok, so lets start off with the movie itself.  It was good, not “great”, not “the best movie ever”, but it was damn good.  It was exactly what you’d expect from an updated A-Team.  It was fun and over the top, especially with the tank/plane scene.  They got a bunch of really good lines in and the entire thing was damn hilarious.  Nothing is funnier to me than Murdock hanging (spinning) on a a helicopter rotor blade singing “You Spin Me Round".

As for the characters.  Liam Neeson does a FANTASTIC Hannibal, he sounds spot on.  Faceman, BA, and Murdock are also all right where you’d expect them to be.  The actors all did a fine job integrating the pre-established characters, and making them their own.  Also, if you stay past the credits, you get a little cameo from the original Faceman and Murdock. I’ve also got to say, Pike was a great bad guy.  He isn’t like a lot of the “evil mastermind” bad guys you see in movies that are essentially useless without their bodyguards.  Pike is fully tactically capable.  At one point in the movie he uses his suit coat to grab onto a rope line, repel down a building (probably 20 stories), while firing his (IIRC) H&K G36 across to another building at a moving target.  Of course the moving target is one of our heroes, so Pike isn’t allowed to actually hit him, but still damn bad ass.

This being a blockbuster movie, there is a lot of explosions and things getting destroyed.  This being the A-Team, they take it up a notch.  Partially because of both, they do some totally unrealistic stuff.  They do what essentially boils down to a stall & roll in a helicopter.  Evade heat seeking missiles simply by temporarily shutting down the engines.  Stuff like that.  Since it is the A-Team, you must turn your “Suspension of disbelief” up to 11. If you can do that, you’ll enjoy the hell out of this movie.  If you haven’t seen it and have some time this weekend, go and see it.  While you’re there, remember this important idiom:

Alpha Mike Foxtrot — Audios Mother Fucker.