Monthly Archive: October 2010

Change of Blog Schedule 1

Change of Blog Schedule

Last month, Jon pointed out that it was necessary for us to change the schedule of the blog and move from posting at 10 AM (Pacific) each day to 3 PM. Well, things haven’t particularly improved, so we are going to revert back to 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) for some unspecified length of time. In other news, Happy Halloween!

Removing an SD card from a Slot Loading Optical Drive 1

Removing an SD card from a Slot Loading Optical Drive

Not to long ago, I was finally getting around to offloading some pictures from my camera via its SD card. My netbook (Eek) has a slot to take SD (and several other types) of memory cards on its right hand side. My work laptop, has a similar slot on the left hand side; it also happens to have a slot loading optical drive (rather than the traditional tray). So, there...

Review: SNAFU Con 3

Review: SNAFU Con

Well, SNAFU Con has come and gone. It was nicer than what I expected, though not as good as Fanime (which isn’t surprising in the least, especially since this was their first year). I was fairly impressed with what they did with the space they had and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what they do with it next year. One of the things that they offered (which I really...

The label maker proves it’s just one of those days 1

The label maker proves it’s just one of those days

Sometimes you just have “one of those days”. You know the days I’m talking about, right? The day where nothing seems to be right. The day where everything is breaking. The day where everyone is out to get you. Yea, you know what I’m talking about. Ok, so that might be slightly melodramatic, but it’s fun. Though I must say, the label maker aptly proved to me that it is...

Arduino & USB = Dangerous 7

Arduino & USB = Dangerous

One of the many little tidbits of advice I found when reading up on Arduino was to protect your computer’s USB port. By that I mean buy a powered USB hub to plug the Arduino into. That way if you do something epicly stupid, you’d burn out a USB hub, instead of your computer’s USB ports. I thought that while this was a fair idea, I need not bother. After...