October 26, 2010

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The label maker proves it's just one of those days

Sometimes you just have “one of those days”. You know the days I’m talking about, right? The day where nothing seems to be right. The day where everything is breaking. The day where everyone is out to get you. Yea, you know what I’m talking about. Ok, so that might be slightly melodramatic, but it’s fun. Though I must say, the label maker aptly proved to me that it is “one of those days”.

At work, I have a

label maker which I really quite love having around. I keep it hidden away on the top of my desk and that normally keeps it safe (if you’ve ever seen my desk, you’d understand that anything on my desk is safe from finding). That is, of course, until recently… when my label maker wandered off. I ignored the theft, assuming that eventually it would make it’s way back to me (unlike the red swinglines). I was in need of labels today and low and behold… label maker was still MIA.

This was supposed to be a simple mission. I trekked about the office looking in all the normal hiding spots (read: storage locations) the label maker likes to be in. No dice. Eventually I remembered who I’d seen last with the label maker and checked their desk — Bingo! Off I was back to my desk.

I plopped down at my desk and start punching out my desired labels. It took me a couple tries to get what I wanted since someone had changed the formatting. Normally, this isn’t a big deal. Of course, because today is today… as soon as I started to print out the label I wanted, I was out of tape. Once again I was off! Trekking across the cold barren waste lands of the office to find a replacement cartridge for the tape. My first stop was into the dark abyss of the storage closet… no dice. Luckily, I did find a cartridge at one of the label maker’s previous hideouts. Back to my desk.

I plop down again to start printing my labels (I had several) when the screen changes over and reads “LOW BATT”. Great… Once more into the breach to find batteries. My hopes and prayers were the only thing keeping me going. For I knew… finding 6 AAs could be a serious obstacle. Luckily for me, I stumbled across a weapons (read: batteries) cache left behind in the storage closet by the admin team. They had listened to my humble requests a few weeks prior and procured extra batteries! Hallelujah!!!

Finally, I got back to my desk and got my labels made out. Total elapsed time: 5 minutes.