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Review: NCIS (The Video Game) 0

Review: NCIS (The Video Game)

For Christmas I got NCIS the video game. I had been curious about it, which is why it was on my Amazon wishlist, but I was not curious enough to actually fork out the $40 for it. The game doesn’t have very good reviews on Amazon, but I do love NCIS… so it’s worth a shot, right? No… no it’s not.

Best of Snowulf 2011 1

Best of Snowulf 2011

Before Christmas John suggested to me that we should have a “best of” post for the year. For some reason. we’ve never thought to do this before. I thought it was a fantastic idea and embarked on the project post haste. Since we’ve never written one of these before, I figured I’d wing the format and we could refine it for next year. I hope you enjoy reading it as...