Monthly Archive: January 2012

Goodbye Chuck! 0

Goodbye Chuck!

Last week saw the end of one of my favorite shows in recent television memory, Chuck. If you’re into geekry, you probably haven’t missed the fact that Chuck was on and you will, like me, be sad it is over. It almost ended at the end of the second season due to network stupidity, but I’m really glad it got a chance to suceed for five full seasons (thank you...

Splashtop Remote Desktop 0

Splashtop Remote Desktop

A few weeks back, Amazon’s free app of the day was Splashtop Remote Desktop (normally and currently $4.99). It sounded pretty intriguing, so I picked it up. I had low expectations from a free app, but was pleasantly surprised by the functionality. Out of the box it requires some minimal configuration, namely running the hosting software on the computer(s) of your choice and setting a password, and then you are...

Reaction to the SOPA blackout? 0

Reaction to the SOPA blackout?

Yesterday was the internet blackout. A day where thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of websites big and small (from Wikipedia to Snowulf) went “dark” to protest SOPA. There was a LOT of news coverage on the topic with many from the government officially backing out of SOPA/PIPA. So it seems that the blackout worked, for now. I suspect that this might be a giant game of door-in-the-face. Regardless of the...

Going “Dark” for SOPA tomorrow 0

Going “Dark” for SOPA tomorrow

Tomorrow is SOPA protest day, a lot of sites (like Reddit, Wikipedia, etc) are going dark. I’m putting my 2 cents in and supporting the SOPA protest (since SOPA is evil, and so is any SOPA supporter) and that means the blog is going dark for tomorrow. We’ll be back Thursday with a real post.

Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange (GAMME) crashes on migration start 5

Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange (GAMME) crashes on migration start

I was trying to test Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange (GAMME) for our company and it kept crashing on me. GAMME launched and let me fill in the configuration information, but the instant I pressed the “start” button, it crashed.