January 25, 2013

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Food Review: M.Y. China SF (Westfield Center)

Our buns are steaming hot!

Our buns are steaming hot!

Last night Lauren and I went to

M.Y. China SF (not to be confused with My China SF) in the Westfield Center. I don’t go to Westfield (aka “The Powell St Mall”) that much, but I had seen it in construction just before opening. We had a free evening so Lauren suggested we go to the “Dim sum place in Westfield”.

So the first mistake is thinking it’s a

dim sum place. It’s not. It is a fairly high end Chinese restaurant and bar. If you look at their dinner menu, you’ll find that it isn’t that deep — dim sum or otherwise. That being said, it was quality food. Between the two of us, we had: Shu Mai, Pork & Crab Dumplings, Honey Glazed Walnut Shrimp, and Braised Beef Short Ribs in a Claypot. My least favorite item was was the short ribs, simply because they had a bit too much gristle. Otherwise everything we had was delicious and utterly destroyed between Lauren and myself.

The "Monkey King" drink

The "Monkey King" drink

I will say, it was one of the few times I've eaten at the bar and not minded in the least. The wait (on a Thursday night at about 6:30 or 7) was 25 minutes or so for a proper table. We opted to sit at the bar (which luckily freed up in less than five minutes) for our dinner. The bartenders were fantastic (they had personality without being overly obnoxious) and were very attentive when needed.

The one downside of M.Y. China, you might have noticed, is the price tag. The total for our dinner (two entrees and two dim sum), plus our drinks (six drinks total), plus reasonable gratuity… was roughly $150. To be fair, it is a restaurant in the heart of the tourist district of San Francisco. That and our drinks were $60 by themselves.

At the end of the day, even with the price tag, would I go back? Yes. The Honey Glazed Walnut Shrimp were possibly the best “honey walnut prawns” I’ve ever had. The drinks were also quite tasty, in particular, the “Monkey King” drink I had was delicious without being overwhelming. Their noodle dishes also seem to be a specialty that we didn’t get to explore. With the exception of the price tag (Welcome to SF), I have no complaints.