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How not to customer service, by GrubHub 4

How not to customer service, by GrubHub

Some may read this as a story of #firstworldproblems where as others will see “social media revenge”. However this is neither, it’s a simple story of a bad experience which turned into an even worse experience through the failure of customer service. Even though my “story” has a mostly satisfactory conclusion, it is obvious from a very minor amount of research that I am not alone in my bad experience...

Food Review: Camp BBQ (San Francisco) 0

Food Review: Camp BBQ (San Francisco)

After several nights of drinking and debauchery, Lauren suggested a slight change of pace for an evening excursion. There was this new Japanese BBQ place out in the Inner Richmond which she’d been to once and claimed that “it was to die for”. To me, “Japanese BBQ” typically means yakitori and a few similar items. Sure it’s tasty, but it’s not exactly exciting. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect,...

Food Review: M.Y. China SF (Westfield Center) 0

Food Review: M.Y. China SF (Westfield Center)

Last night Lauren and I went to M.Y. China SF (not to be confused with My China SF) in the Westfield Center. I don’t go to Westfield (aka “The Powell St Mall”) that much, but I had seen it in construction just before opening. We had a free evening so Lauren suggested we go to the “Dim sum place in Westfield”.

Happy Thanksgiving 0

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, regardless of what you’re doing. I’m sure most of you are out with friends and family – which you hopefully enjoy! I’m plunking about at home, relaxing, and enjoying a few days off. My vote is for teriyaki chicken and cupcakes over turkey and stuffing… but to each their own.

Review: Akira Bistro – Danville, CA 2

Review: Akira Bistro – Danville, CA

Akira Bistro 499 San Ramon Valley Blvd Danville, CA 94526 925-552-5888 A few weeks ago I was in downtown Danville and noticed that a new Japanese restaurant was setting up.  I find it slightly amusing since they are literally across the street from two other Japanese restaurants.  Danville isn’t exactly big, but does it ever have a TON of Japanese food.  Win for me.  Jumping up to July 9th, I...