Password reset questions are getting out of hand

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  1. Sasi ayn says:

    what was the last name of your favorite Teache

  2. Dan says:

    I always thought that the “security questions” were less secure than passwords as well (at least until your mind can be read and put on the public record as well…) in fact your parents probably could answer a lot of them better than YOU can, meaning your parents could hack your account. But what I don’t get is how stuff like isn’t a clear violation of privacy rights (it should be if it’s not!) Rather than being able to publish information in less you even can tell them otherwise, it should be that they CAN’T publish any information in less everyone related to that person approves of it!

    Even though the security question is most always required, there’s usually an option to make up your own; and it can be totally unrelated to your answer (sometimes your password could even be the answer!) But with some sites you can just have them email you a password reset link to your linked email address, which I personally think is the easiest and best option (in less it’s an email account of course) although rather than resetting your password I wish it could just mail you the one you are already using instead.

    Bottom line I don’t think it’s a company’s business on how complex my password is or if I have a security question or not. The odds of someone just guessing a password I choose without a brute force attack, in less I really don’t care about that account that much and used a joke password, is still slim to none without meeting a company’s standards. A brute force attack has the potential to guess any password, but if a site is getting brute forced then it’s the company who has a security problem, not the users or their accounts.

  3. Jeff says:

    I know a site that asks What was the destination of your first airplane flight? Still, if you know where someone was born/lived early in life that might not be too difficult to hack, especially if they don’t live near a major airport as smaller airports are likely to only have a few destinations.

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