Monthly Archive: January 2015

Quick Review: Jot Script (Evernote) Stylus 2

Quick Review: Jot Script (Evernote) Stylus

Even with the failure of the Pencil by Fifty Three on my “Go Paperless” kick, I remained undeterred. Second on the docket, was Penultimate by Evernote and the Jot Script (Evernote edition). I was most excited by trying this combo out since it seemed express built for my purposes. Plus, my end goal is my digital life in Evernote, so what better than an app (and stylus) designed specifically for...

Quick Review: Pencil (Stylus) by Fifty Three 0

Quick Review: Pencil (Stylus) by Fifty Three

Recently I’ve been on a “go paperless” kick. I want to move as much of my life into Evernote as possible. While I’ve been using Evernote for quite some time, I got the bug to expand that usage and see what else I could do easily. Part of that is the desire to be able to take handwritten notes, digitally. In the past I’ve used Paper by FiftyThree and quite...

Let WordPress (not) snow 0

Let WordPress (not) snow

Have a wordpress blog? Is it still snowing? Would you like to turn it off? It’s really quite easy. Login to your Admin Settings General Uncheck “Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th.” Save Oh, yea, it’ll automagically turn itself off tomorrow anyways. However this way you won’t be surprised by the snow next year. Enjoy your Winter!